Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"A Coach's Life" Earns Star Treatment

The biography of a legendary Iowa high school coach has earned a rare distinction from its publisher.

A Coach's Life: Les Hipple and the Marion Indians has been selected by iUniverse for its "Star Program," a special marketing and sales effort reserved for books with high editorial quality and added sales potential. As a result, the current edition of the book will go out of print and a new edition will be issued with a new cover and slightly revised text.

Less than one percent of iUniverse books receive this treatment. iUniverse is one of the largest companies serving authors of self-published books.

A Coach's Life is the biography of a man who came to Marion, Iowa, in 1945 and imposed strict discipline on his players, turning out winning teams for an adoring town. When times and the town changed, the coach did not, and he lost his job in 1965 for being too strict.

The book is "a poignant biography of the stern taskmaster," wrote Jim Ecker of Metro Sports Report. "The historical background of the town grips the reader."

The new version of the book will be marketed to book retailers, traditional publishing houses, book clubs and other companies, according to the iUniverse web site. iUnverse will also seek reviews for the book and will enter it in appropriate awards programs.

"iUniverse will invite you into the Star Program only if we believe that further investment will help you receive broader recognition and greater commercial success," the web site states.

While revisions are underway, the current version remains available.